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November 8, 2012
by: Kavonteuna Goodlow, Etude Studios Publications Intern

As Goes Janesville, editorial

The IDEAS community has the opportunity to visit the John Michael Kohler Arts Center several times a month to participate in activities, watch Community Cinema, and watch movies and Footlights.

October 17, 2012 the IDEAS students and staff joined community members and watched the documentary AS GOES JANESVILLE. The film came across as being more political and in more of a republicans viewpoint in my opinion. The documentary gave insight on making new jobs in Janesville. It showed how the lives of people who's job changed, and what things they did to recover. I believe that the documentary showed more of a republican's viewpoint on what was going on in Janesville and not a whole view with both republicans and democrats. A number of students from IDEAS and I talked about why we didn't like the movie, and how it didn't leave us with a good mood. I believe that the intention for the documentary was to give people a view on how the loss of jobs affected the people of Janesville, and what they did and tried to do to make things better.

Community cinema shows different types of movies. Some better than others, but they all have educational reasoning and they leave us with some sort of thoughts even if they are negative. We still enjoy going and watching the films, and participating In the group discussions!

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