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January 30, 2013
by: Kavonteuna Goodlow, Etude Studios Publications Intern


The IDEAS Academy had a goal of 100% college acceptance for every graduating 2013 senior. IDEAS Academy prepares their students for college in a variety of ways, including advisory activities, touring colleges, etc. Advisories are divided by lower and upper class men and is 25 minutes long every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and 55 minutes on Wednesdays. Every advisory is different for the decided grade levels. The freshman and sophomores work on things like their personal pathways, resumes, goal settings, volunteering, and finding jobs while in high school. The juniors and seniors work on planning for the ACT and SAT tests, learning about and signing up for scholarships, and enrolling into colleges.

While the fundamentals are different, many things are similar throughout the advisories. Each day in Advisory covers a different subject. On Monday each advisory gathers individually to help students bond, using new thinking routines. On Tuesdays, students check their grades and set goals for academic improvement over the next week. On Wednesdays, students have guided work time, a chance for students to catch up on any missing work, or to ask any questions they may have concerning their class assignments. This designated, in school Home Learning time is particularly helpful for those that may need to consult with a teacher outside of class. On Thursdays, students work on college readiness in the junior and senior advisories. Students can prep themselves for college by practicing for the ACT and SAT, looking and applying for scholarships, and applying for financial aid. The freshmen and sophomores work on resumes, personal pathways, and action plans for life after high school. Each Friday, advisories participate in a Friday ritual. A Friday ritual is where the students come up with an activity or game that they would like to do with their whole advisory each Friday of the month. The point of a Friday ritual is to bond and share out things that each individual enjoys.

Advisory helps students gain confidence, and it brings better understanding and knowledge about college while preparing them for their future. Not only will IDEAS students have an advantage while entering college, but as high school students they'll be more aware of real life situations.

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