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October 9, 2014
by: Ted Hamm

ACT Aspire and College Readiness

Part of our college readiness programming is to make sure that all students are prepared for the ACT as a junior. The ACT is a test many colleges require in order to help determine enrollment in a college and potential scholarships. As a result, we will administer the ACT Aspire this coming week to al 9th graders. The ACT Aspire is a test that will help you determine which areas are your strength and which areas you will need to grow in, in order to get the best score possible on the ACT your junior year. We will be going over your results from the ACT Aspire in Advisory.

9th graders will be taking the test on October 7, 9 and 14 in the morning. We will be starting testing at 8:30 and ask all 9th graders to meet in the cafeteria at 8:05. As you prepare for the ACT Aspire on Tuesday, please prepare the following ways:

  • Please make sure your Chromebook is fully charged (you will need it for the test).
  • You will not be able to have cell phones during the test, please plan accordingly.
  • Please get plenty of sleep the night before. Often this means turning off cell phones and computers at least one hour before going to sleep. The screen often tricks your body into thinking it is daylight and thus disrupts your sleep patterns.
  • Please get breakfast. Breakfast is now served before school. Get something more than junk food in your system.

Preparing for the ACT is part of a student’s path to college. While we understand college is far off, it is important that you begin your preparations for it now so you have the best available options your junior year when you apply.

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