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At IDEAS Academy we are dedicated to preparing students for our rapidly changing world, one that increasingly values conceptualization, innovation, and empathy. We are moving into an era where creative thinking is valued as much as critical thinking and basic communication skills are no longer enough. Those that thrive will have the ability to understand what moves humankind, the ability to create relationships, and the ability to think holistically.

We live in an unprecedented time, one that requires an educational shift to ensure our students are prepared for the future. At IDEAS Academy students learn to use their mind well and thrive in an era with exponential growth in technology and information. Our graduates are powerful communicators, innovators, and leaders.

Current Students & Families

We have a busy and vibrant learning community. Please use our Community Page for information from our main office, our Blog for updates on student projects and events, and our Calendar to plan ahead for a busy fall.


 We are in the process of converting to the Skyward student information system.

Enrollment Information

SASD families interested in enrolling their child at IDEAS Academy for the current schol year or the 2017-2018 school year should complete an Intradistrict/Charter School Transfer Request. Families residing outside the SASD should complete an Open Enrollment Application. Please visit the SASD Enrollment Page for more information and contact our enrollment coordinator, Erica Brown, at ebrown@etudegroup.org.

If you would like to experience IDEAS Academy before enrollment, please join us for an information night or shadow day. 

Information Meetings
Thursday, January 26th, 6:00pm
Tuesday, February 7th, 6:00pm
Thursday, April 20th, 6:00pm

Shadow Days
Thursday, February 2nd, 7:55am
Thursday, March 14th, 7:55am
Tuesday, May 2nd, 7:55am

Please contact our Enrollment Coordinator, Erica Brown, if you have any questions regarding the enrollment process or events at The Mosaic School or at IDEAS Academy. If you are participating in a Shadow day, please complete either the Mosaic School Permission Slip or the IDEAS Academy Permission Slip.


A Thanksgiving Reflection

A friend of mine recently reminded me of the history of the Thanksgiving holiday. In thinking about the original Thanksgiving meal I am quick to forget that the origins of the this day becoming a national holiday go back to the Civil War. I have put the original proclamation below for you to read. Putting these words in the context of the time they were written, one of the most divisive times in our national history, reminds us of the intent of the day. We are to take a day, put our differences aside, to simply gather peacefully. I hope today is a day for all of us to gather peacefully and consider those things we have to be thankful for.

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Lakeland University guest discusses options


Read more about Lakeland University guest discusses options.

Information Night

IDEAS Academy is hosting an event to discuss the unique opportunities and programs that are offered to students. If you are interested in learning more about the program and may be exploring other options for your child, please consider joining our staff and students on Thursday, October 20th from 6:00 pm.-7:30 pm for Information Night, Students will guide tours while staff members share detailed information about the various programs that make up IDEAS Academy. Camp Étude cooking club members will be serving some delicious treats. Please join us!

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ESAA 5th grade Shadows Mosaic Thumbnail
ESAA 5th grade Shadows Mosaic
When: December 12 2016 - December 13 2016
Time: 6:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Senior Class Meeting in Timi's Room Thumbnail
Senior Class Meeting in Timi's Room
When: December 16 2016 - December 16 2016
Time: 11:15 am - 11:50 am

Winter Recess - No School Thumbnail
Winter Recess - No School
When: December 23 2016 - January 1 2017
Time: 6:00 pm - 6:00 pm