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September 3, 2019
by: Courtney Kissinger

The First Week

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The weather was quite an accurate analogy for our feelings today as we entered day one at Étude Middle School. The day started out cloudy, a bit of rain, and a glimmer of sunshine. Teachers and students alike had feelings of anxiety and worry about how the day would go. Many new students expressed worry that they didn’t know anyone at the school or were afraid to speak up. Returning students worried about the changes within the school and their new advisories. Teachers worried about if the days activities would go as planned and if they would be meaningful for the student. Along with all the worry, however, was a feeling of excitement about what was to come.

As the day moved on, the sun shone more and more both literally and figuratively. Students learned a bit more about their advisees and their advisor in the morning at school, allowing them to feel more comfortable as a group. As we walked to the park together, new friendships began to form between students. The first team building activities were a bit of a struggle, as students reflected, “we struggled to communicate as a group” or “sometimes we were being too silly” or, “everyone would try to share ideas at once”. As the day went on students reflected on these struggles and began to communicate more effectively. Some reflected, “we came up with a plan, and that helped everyone be on the same page” or, “each person began to participate, so as a group we were more effective”. It was a true joy to watch students grow in collaboration and communication skills from the first to the last activity of the day. 

When we arrived back at school, we gathered in a town hall to do some whole group reflection. It was amazing to see that almost every student had met a new friend today. In addition, each advisory shared a struggle and a success, noting that every advisory felt they worked better as a team as the day went on. We ended our town hall with students sharing positive or helpful things they had observed others doing throughout the day. Positive things such as “I was struggling with my lock and someone helped me open it”,  “a student helped us complete our puzzle when we were struggling”, “I was new and this student helped introduce me to more people”, or, “when I didn’t understand a direction, the student didn’t put me down rather explained it another way”. We challenged the students to remember these reflections as the week and the year progresses and try to be the person who does a positive or helpful thing for someone else. At the end of the day we recognized that regardless of our past, new students, returning students, new teachers, and returning teachers, now all make up our Étude Middle School Community for the 2019-20 school year. With all of the growth and positivity emerging out of day one, we cannot wait to see what great things will come from our Étude Middle School Community this year.


September 7, 2018
by: Courtney Kissinger

The First Week

The First Week Thumbnail

We have had a busy week since our first day of school team building activities commenced on Tuesday! On Wednesday, Students had the opportunity to preview their seminars which include Contemporary Dance, Ensemble, Visual Narratives, Discovering STEM, and Playwriting. These previews gave students a hands on glimpse into what the course might be like so that they could make an informed choice about which seminar fits their interests best for this semester. Students also participated in their first Town Hall, a time each Wednesday where the whole school gathers to discuss school culture, build community, and showcase their work. During the first town hall, each advisory shared a vision of what they would like town hall to be like and the expectations they had for their peers to follow in order to make town hall an engaging space for all.

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September 4, 2018
by: Courtney Kissinger

Building Community at Étude Middle School

Building Community at Étude Middle School Thumbnail

Today, we welcomed students back to Étude Middle School. When staff reminisced during pre-session about our own first days of school, we remembered receiving syllabi and writing our name in textbooks. We were excited about the opportunities our students would get on the first day to build their community while developing collaboration and communication skills. We, like most of the students, were new to the opportunities and challenges presenting themselves and hoped the day of activities would be a success. As a school community, both staff and students accepted today’s adventure and wanted to share some of the things we learned throughout the day.

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September 7, 2017
by: Courtney Kissinger, Lead Advisor

Étude is a Community of Makers

Étude is a Community of Makers Thumbnail

After we kicked off the school year Tuesday with team building activities, we continued on to Wednesday and Thursday when we focused on experiencing the disciplines students will be immersed in this year. Another focus was for students to get to know the peers in their classes, as well as their teachers on a deeper level. Wednesday, students previewed the different seminar courses followed by choosing which seminars they would like to take during the first trimester. As seen in the photos, these seminars include movement, drama, music, visual art, creative writing, and engineering. Students then participated in their first Town Hall, where the whole school gathered to develop goals for of what our school community envisioned for our weekly town halls. We continued Thursday by giving students a snapshot into each of their academic classes through a 30 minute preview where they learned about their classmates and abstractly explored some of the concepts they will be diving into later on in the year..

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September 5, 2017
by: Courtney Kissinger, Lead Advisor

The First Day of Étude Middle School

The First Day of Étude Middle School Thumbnail

Embarking on a new school year can cause different emotions for everyone involved; students, teachers, and parents. Excitement, anxiousness, fear, nerves, are all things that our students had expressed feeling prior to coming to school today. Our goal as Étude Middle School today was to allow students the opportunity explore themselves as well as their relationships with peers, in an effort to provide a learning environment where all students are comfortable this upcoming school year. In addition, we wanted students to see our Habits of Professionalism in action, specifically the habits of communication and collaboration, as these are components that will help students be successful in their futures at school and beyond. Finally, we as a staff wanted to get to know our students better and have experiences with them in a fail safe environment that we could use to reflect upon in the future.

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August 29, 2017

New Parent Orientation

New Parent Orientation Thumbnail

On Monday, August 28th, Étude High School and Middle School welcomed new parents for New Parent Orientation. The event started at 5:30pm, when advisors and families gathered in the cafeteria to enjoy seasonal soups made by our staff. Children were then invited to participate in MAKER Break, while parents got together to learn more about our Advisory program and the role of Advisors as someone who is, to students, "on their case, and on their side."

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June 12, 2017

Mosaic 8th grade trip to Chicago includes service

Mosaic 8th grade trip to Chicago includes service Thumbnail

On Wednesday, May 31st, Mosaic 8th graders took a field trip to the City of Chicago to celebrate their three years of middle school! In an effort to give back, students worked with The Honeycomb Project, an organization in Chicago that creates youth volunteer opportunities. To prepare for the trip, many of our 8th grade students met after school on several days to create pet toys to donate to the Anti Cruelty Society Shelter through The Honeycomb Project in Chicago.

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April 26, 2017

Mosaic Envisions Futures in Sheboygan and Beyond

Mosaic Envisions Futures in Sheboygan and Beyond Thumbnail

Weather Report: Cloudy, foggy, thunderstorms. Mosaic students shared these weather metaphors to represent their perspective on college and life after high school on Tuesday morning, April 25th. Students had many questions, “How much does it cost?”, “How long will the program take?”, “What are the benefits of going to college?”.

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February 28, 2017
by: Erica Brown

Mosaic Shadow Day

Mosaic Shadow Day Thumbnail

The Mosaic School is hosting a Shadow Day on Thursday, March 16th

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January 30, 2017
by: Erica Brown

Information Night

Information Night Thumbnail

The Mosaic School is hosting an Information Night on Tuesday, February 7th, from 6:00-7:30 p.m. in room 3402. Please invite friends and families to learn more about The Mosaic School and I.D.E.A.S. Academy. Staff and students guide tours and will be available to answer questions about the program.

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