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MAKER BREAK is a free community makerspace program for children and young adults in Sheboygan, WI. We recognize the value of hands-on learning and work to provide equitable access to experiences that empower young people through problem solving, divergent thinking, and resilience. The Maker Education organization has selected MAKER Break (The Étude Group, John Michael Kohler Arts Center & Mead Library) as an official Maker Corps Partner Site for 2017. The Exploratorium in San Francisco, Hive NYC Learning Network, and The Bubbler at Madison Public Library are previous partner sites.

Upcoming Programs:


Jacob Olmedo is a designer and artist who focuses on sustainability and the future of fashion through textiles and garments. He was awarded the Designer of the Year; Future Textiles Award in 2017 from Parson School of Fashion, the Role Models Competition from the Healthy Materials Lab, and was a finalist for the International Dorothy Waxman Talking Textile Award for his work integrating fashion and plant life. Jacob practices in-depth research, experimental material development, user testing, and garment construction. All as a part of his continuing design workAnd The World Will Be As One.And The World Will Be As One showcases an array of important relationships we as humans have with our clothing and our natural world.  

Jacob Olmedo is a 2013 graduate of Étude High School (IDEAS Academy) and a 2013 recipient of the Ruth DeYoung Kohler Scholarship for Artistic Excellence. 


Jacob Olmedo MAKER Break Residency

February 19 
3:15 - 5:15 pm
Imagining and Creating with Fashion Workshop
Open to all Sheboygan Area School District Middle and High School Students (Sign Up Required)

February 20
5:00 - 7:00 pm
And The World Will Be as One Workshop
Open to all Sheboygan Area School District Middle and High School Students (Sign Up Required)

February 21
2:15 - 5:15 pm
From Old to New Workshop
Open to all Sheboygan Area School District Middle and High School Students (Sign Up Required)

February 22
5:00 - 7:00 pm
Imagining and Creating with Fashion Workshop
Open to all Sheboygan Area School District Middle and High School Students (Sign Up Required


Jacob Olmedo MAKER Break Workshops

Imagining and Creating with Fashion
Imaging, Sketching, and Imagination
2 Hour Workshop
Students will imagine the future of clothing. Through drawing and collaging students will illustrate looks while pairing them with physical fabric swatches. Like in the real world each fabric has a long story, each swatch will have its fabric story. Through making students will be on a mission to create a low impact look through textiles and stories. Collaboratively together all participants will have designed a sustainable Maker Break collection.
This workshop is to move students to think about each action while making. Everything has an impact, and as thinkers and makers it is our job to think about the consequences of those actions.

From Old to New
Making, Prototyping, and Documentation
3 hour Workshop
In this workshop students work in teams sculpting new garments of already existing ones. By taking apart of clothes and through sculpting the students will discover new shapes and forms in clothing while also be fitting their new garments on a fit model— to see their new creations in action.
This workshop shows students that old can be new. That value of our belongings is important. Textile waste is one of the biggest problems in the fashion industry, I hope to encourage students to think differently about all materials in their making.

And The World Will Be As One.
2 hour Workshop
Pulling from Jacob Olmedo’s debut award-winning collection in NYC this spring, students will be transformed into thinking outside of the box. Through written exercise and reflection on the humans broken relationship with nature, students will be creating a bridge in that relationship with fashion. Students will be taught about soilless growing systems for plants and how we can incorporate them into their own clothing. Students will have the opportunity to take their own growing plants home to incorporate on their Jackets and Backpacks.
Students will learn basic sewing skills, plant knowledge, and open thinking about creating and creative juxtapositions.  —Students must bring a backpack or jacket to sew onto.





All MAKER Break Programs are free thanks to The Black Spring Foundation, Kohler Foundation Inc, and our Partners!!

Maker Education

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The Étude Group 2016


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Summer Program 2016

JMKAC Levitt Amp

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Everyone a maker!


Mindfulness | 4.8.17

Our Mindfulness Workshop was designed for children ages 3 -7 and their parents to learn, create, and share side-by-side. Movement Specialist, Mrs. Katie Brennen, facilitated at Elementary School for the Arts and Academics on Saturday, April 8th from 9:00 - 11:00am.

Read more about Mindfulness | 4.8.17.

Open Studio | MAKER (Spring) Break

OPEN STUDIO | IDEAS Academy March 28th - 30th 12:00-4:00PM

Read more about Open Studio | MAKER (Spring) Break.

Bird Research & Habitat | MAKER (spring) Break

Our Bird Research & Habitat Workshop was a four day experience designed for children ages 6-13 and their parents/caregivers to learn, create, and share as they explore the worlds of birds. Each participant will design and build a custom birdhouse.

Read more about Bird Research & Habitat | MAKER (spring) Break.



ÉMS | Archery Event Thumbnail
ÉMS | Archery Event
When: April 27 2018 - April 27 2018
Time: 3:15 pm - 5:00 pm

Étude High School - Blood Drive Thumbnail
Étude High School - Blood Drive
When: May 1 2018 - May 1 2018
Time: 8:00 am - 3:00 pm

Etude Elementary School - Memorial Day Recess Thumbnail
Etude Elementary School - Memorial Day Recess
When: May 28 2018 - May 28 2018
Time: 7:30 am - 3:30 pm