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December 14, 2016
by: Keira Collin, Étude Studios Writing Intern

IDEAS students attend writing festival

Before dawn broke on Wednesday, November 16, a group of IDEAS Academy writers boarded the bus heading to the UW-Whitewater Creative Writing Festival. The festival, an annual tradition for 32 years, is an opportunity for writers at the high school level to acquire constructive feedback on their work. It also allows them an audience to build upon their skill of presenting and public speaking.

This year, five students from IDEAS Academy won awards for their writing.

  • Sara Bartol- Second Place in Prose Poetry/Flash Fiction

  • Hannah Staats- Third Place in Prose Poetry/Flash Fiction

  • Paxton Alison- Third Place in Scriptwriting and Screenplay

  • Fiona Collin- Honorable Mention in Multimedia

  • Bianca Ranieri- Honorable Mention in Prose Poetry/Flash Fiction

Upon their arrival at the festival, excitement was almost palpable in the air: hundreds of creators bustling about, all ready to explore new and strange ideas. After checking in and collecting schedules for the day, students, teachers, and facilitators alike sat down to a speech by the keynote speaker, author and poet Kevin Coval of Young Chicago Authors.

Writer Sara Bartol appreciated his speech.

“I really enjoyed the message of ‘finding your people,’ which was especially resonant at a place where we had the opportunity to do just that. A lot of people think of writing as a lonely, quiet endeavor, and I thought Kevin Coval's speech highlighted the importance of sharing experiences, connecting with others, and truly listening to one another,” Bartol said.

Coval encouraged the audience, through the festival and future experiences, to find those with similar mindsets and connect with each other in order to gain new perspectives and inspirations.

Workshops were held for writers in 10 different categories including Poetry, Prose Poetry/Flash Fiction, Multimedia, Screenplay, and Songwriting. In these workshops, creators were given the chance to read their work aloud and collect feedback from professors and peers alike. This process of presenting work and gaining feedback isn’t new to students at IDEAS Academy. Through in-class workshops and Exhibitions of Learning, IDEAS students collaborate with each other and provide constructive feedback to better each other’s knowledge and creations quite often.

Writer Paxton Alison described the experience of the festival and what he learned overall.

“It taught me that if you put your work in and you work hard, you will obtain something you can be proud of,” Alison said.

The festival closed with an awards ceremony and much celebration amongst peers. IDEAS writers celebrated as if they had won the world, whooping and screaming as recipients were given their awards. The Creative Writing Festival was just one amazing experience of so many offered to students at IDEAS Academy and will continue to be a great place for writers to get feedback and collaborate with peers.



 Pictured from left to right, award winners Paxton Alison, Hannah Staats, Sara Bartol, Bianca Ranieri

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October 16, 2016
by: Tad Phippen Wente, College Readiness Coordinator

Lakeland University guest discusses options

Lakeland University guest discusses options Thumbnail

Lakeland University Admissions Advisor Christine Kastner Eck talked with IDEAS students about options during her visit Wednesday, October 12, in the Treehouse.

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October 11, 2016
by: Erica Brown

Information Night

Information Night Thumbnail

IDEAS Academy is hosting an event to discuss the unique opportunities and programs that are offered to students. If you are interested in learning more about the program and may be exploring other options for your child, please consider joining our staff and students on Thursday, October 20th from 6:00 pm.-7:30 pm for Information Night, Students will guide tours while staff members share detailed information about the various programs that make up IDEAS Academy. Camp Étude cooking club members will be serving some delicious treats. Please join us!

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October 6, 2016

IDEAS Student Project Reminds "Your vote does matter"

IDEAS Student Project Reminds "Your vote does matter" Thumbnail

Last spring, Paige Levisen focused her semester-long IDEAS Project Block project on re-engaging youth in the political process. She researched rates of participation, causes for declining participation, and methods for re-engagement. In her process, she discovered the art and activism of Shepard Fairey. She was inspired to create a pair of canvases, inspired by her research and his aesthetic. As the presidential election approaches, we wanted to help Paige get her work and her message out to the community.

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October 5, 2016

IDEAS Reads Super, Natural, Great Books

IDEAS Reads Super, Natural, Great Books Thumbnail

It might not surprise you that our English Language Arts teachers love books. They love reading them, recommending them, discussing them, and, most importantly, deploying them as centerpieces for critical and relevant learning. If you've met our staff, you'd know that the love for book extends beyond our English department. And we have students who take care of our classroom libraries and little school library[ideas/ideas-blog/visit-the-little-library-for-project-research/], and some some students who write books of their own. That's some serious book love right there.

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September 29, 2016
by: Sarah Williams, Writing Intern, Étude Studios

Visit The Little Library for Project Research

Visit The Little Library for Project Research Thumbnail

As we enter the research phase for IDEAS Project Block, it’s important to use many different types of sources in order to get well rounded research. While many students rely on the Internet as their most important source, we have a library in our school that could assist with many different projects.

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September 29, 2016
by: Zoe Farrell, Writing Intern, Étude Studios

IDEAS Juniors visit Education Fair at Lakeland

IDEAS Juniors visit Education Fair at Lakeland  Thumbnail

Juniors at IDEAS Academy excitedly hopped onto the bus to visit Lakeland University for the Wisconsin Education Fair on Wednesday, September 28. The students were given a list of the nearly 100 colleges at the Fair and set loose to talk to representatives from and learn about colleges and other post-high school education opportunities in the Midwest area. The Fair helped students move farther along their path to college readiness and career plans. Students with no clue of what the future holds were granted inspiration that drove them to consider things they never had.

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September 26, 2016
by: Keira Collin, Étude Studios Writing Intern

IDEAS Academy Blood Drive Oct.7th

IDEAS Academy Blood Drive Oct.7th Thumbnail

IDEAS Academy will host its next American Red Cross Blood Drive on Friday, October 7! Donations will be scheduled from 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. and take place in the IDEAS cafeteria. We are looking for around 48 donors. Those looking to donate may either contact Karen Robison at krobison@etudegroup.org[mailto:krobison@sasd.net] or can find information on the Red Cross website.[http://www.redcrossblood.org/rcbmobile/drive/chooseDonationTime.jsp]

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September 8, 2016
by: Beth Carreno

IDEAS Academy Engineering and the Portable Shelter Project

IDEAS Academy Engineering and the Portable Shelter Project Thumbnail

What began as a student project last winter with the design of a “tiny home” has grown into a completed portable shelter project that will impact the life of a homeless veteran.

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September 6, 2016

IDEAS Portable Shelter Dedication

IDEAS Portable Shelter Dedication Thumbnail

IDEAS Academy's portable shelter will soon have a new home.

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