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The Mosaic School's student-centered philosophy strives to ensure that every student is actively engaged in our community and the culture of our school. We believe each student should actively participate in, and feel a strong sense of belonging to our school. Each student will be well known, well respected, trusted and trusting within their cohort (small peer group) and their school. Our 21st century school prepares students for a lifetime of global citizenship as professionals, community leaders, as friends and as family members.

The world is rapidly changing as technology progresses. Our hands-on, interactive educational model focuses on habits of the mind allowing students to learn how to transfer and apply their academic knowledge in new situations. Our interdisciplinary project-based learning provides the academic foundation for success in high school, college and beyond.

Current Students & Families

We have a busy and vibrant learning community. Please use our Community Page for information from our main office, our Blog for updates on student projects and events, and our Calendar to plan ahead for back-to-school.  

Enrollment Information

SASD families interested in enrolling their child at The Mosaic School for the current or 2017-2018 school years should complete an Intradistrict/Charter School Transfer Request. Families residing outside the SASD should complete an Open Enrollment Application. Please visit the SASD Enrollment Page for more information or contact our enrollment coordinator, Erica Brown, at ebrown@etudegroup.org.

Exhibitions of Learning

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Abi S. Feature Spring 2016


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Summer 2016


Mosaic Intentionally Prepares for Intellectual and Professional Engagement

Over the last three days, students at The Mosaic School participated in their first Town Hall, attended seminar previews, got a glimpse of what their academic classes will be like, and spent more time together with their advisory building community through multiple activities and discussions. The first Town Hall allowed students to meet each other, share out a movement that represented their advisory group, and share goals that they had for how Town Hall should be run this year. Town Hall is a whole school gathering that happens every Wednesday in an effort to build community, share out important information, enhance student leadership, and discuss community issues.

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Mosaic Develops Habits of Professionalism at Camp Anokijig

Today our students and advisors loaded up the busses and headed out to Camp Anokijig for a day full of activities that tested our ability to collaborate and communicate effectively to work toward a goal in an outdoor setting. Throughout the day, groups consisting of two advisories each completed three different activities which all had different goals. A student favorite was the voyager canoe, which allowed an entire advisory to get into the canoe together and navigate around the lake. Mr. Fredrichsen’s advisory collaborated by singing a song as a group which allowed them to row in rhythm. Other groups identified roles, noticing that once they had a leader it was much easier to row together and move the canoe effectively. While reflecting on this activity, Mr. Laborde and Miss Kooistra’s advisees identified that in order to be successful as a group they needed to listen to each student’s ideas, put forth maximum effort, focus on the task at hand, encourage each other, and take on leadership opportunities when appropriate. Students then tried to improve at each of these aspects throughout the rest of the day.

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Mosaic Community, Service, Learning

What is service learning? Today Mosaic students had the opportunity to go out into the Sheboygan community as they learned valuable skills throughout a day filled with providing service to different organizations. Each grade level went to a different location and fulfilled needs that we identified within the community outside of our school. Our sixth graders had the opportunity to go to the Sheboygan River[http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/greatlakes/sheboygan.html] area surrounding the UW Sheboygan and pull weeds as they learned a little about invasive species. Seventh grade students went to Nourish[http://www.nourishfarms.org/], a non profit organization in Sheboygan County, and helped harvest within the nourish garden as well as learn about the services of the Nourish organization. Eighth grade students headed over to the Habitat Restore[http://www.habitatlakeside.com/] building to provide extra hands in organization, taking care of the lot, and helping stock donated items.

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Mosaic STAR360 Testing: Math Thumbnail
Mosaic STAR360 Testing: Math
When: October 2 2016 - October 4 2016
Time: 7:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Mosaic STAR360 Testing: Reading Thumbnail
Mosaic STAR360 Testing: Reading
When: October 5 2016 - October 7 2016
Time: 7:00 pm - 7:00 pm

IDEAS Community Night Thumbnail
IDEAS Community Night
When: October 13 2016 - October 14 2016
Time: 7:00 pm - 7:00 pm