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The Mosaic School's student-centered philosophy strives to ensure that every student is actively engaged in our community and the culture of our school. We believe each student should actively participate in, and feel a strong sense of belonging to our school. Each student will be well known, well respected, trusted and trusting within their cohort (small peer group) and their school. Our 21st century school prepares students for a lifetime of global citizenship as professionals, community leaders, as friends and as family members.

The world is rapidly changing as technology progresses. Our hands-on, interactive educational model focuses on habits of the mind allowing students to learn how to transfer and apply their academic knowledge in new situations. Our interdisciplinary project-based learning provides the academic foundation for success in high school, college and beyond.

Current Students & Families

We have a busy and vibrant learning community. Please use our Community Page for information from our main office, our Blog for updates on student projects and events, and our Calendar to plan ahead for a busy spring.

Enrollment Information

SASD families interested in enrolling their child at The Mosaic School for the 2016-2017 school year should complete an Intradistrict/Charter School Transfer Request. Families residing outside the SASD should complete an Open Enrollment Application. Please visit the SASD Enrollment Page for more information or contact our enrollment coordinator, Erica Brown, at ebrown@etudegroup.org.



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Science through service learning


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First Trimester - 2014-2015


Mosaic students visit colleges and workplaces

All Mosaic School students sampled college and career choices April 27 when they toured local post-secondary schools and a community giant.

Read more about Mosaic students visit colleges and workplaces.

The Étude Group's Maker Movement

There is a lot of talk in education these days about “makerspaces.” It seems to be a new buzz word. The reality is that while it may be a new concept for some in the education community, it’s one of the foundations for The Étude Group. While the concepts of making and creating are not new for us, our role in sharing this concept at a greater level with the community is.

Read more about The Étude Group's Maker Movement.

Information Night

Help us share the great things that happen at The Mosaic School by inviting your friends and families to attend our Information Night on Thursday, April 21st from 6:00-7:30 p.m. in room 3402. This will be the final Information Night, so please join us!

Read more about Information Night.



There are currently no events.

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