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February 16, 2015
by: Ted Hamm

Mike Mangione & the Union Tiny Desk Submission

This year NPR featured a competition for bands to win a spot on their Tiny Desk concerts. Tiny Desk Concerts are intimate video performances, recorded live at the desk of All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen. These concerts have recently featured Cat Stevens and Lucinda Williams. 

Below is Mike Mangione & the Unions submission for the Tiny Desk Concert content featuring a son from their upcoming album. Mike Mangione & the Union will be performing at the next Étude Sessions on Saturday, February 28th at Paradigm Coffee + Music. Doors open at 7:00, Sheboygan's own The Belle Weather will be opening up. 


January 26, 2015
by: Ted Hamm

Musician Entrepreneur: Brianna Lane

Musician Entrepreneur: Brianna Lane  Thumbnail

Part of the purpose of our blog is to help introduce you to the performers coming through the Étude Sessions. I have commented in the past what extraordinary people our performers are, however, it's not every day that we are able to feature an article about an Étude Sessions performer from a business magazine, but then again, not every musician is Brianna Lane. ETG0023 Brianna Lane Tickets WEB 2

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January 24, 2015
by: Ted Hamm

Two Fish Gallery Sponsors Brianna Lane & the Navigator's Club

Two Fish Gallery Sponsors Brianna Lane & the Navigator's Club Thumbnail

twofish logo jpg copy We are pleased to announce that Two Fish Gallery in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin is sponsoring the next Étude Sessions featuring Brianna Lane and the Navigator's Club[/etude-sessions/2014-2015-season/the-etude-sessions-presents-brianna-lane-and-the-navigators-club/]. The sponsorship means quite a bit to our schools. Through Two Fish Gallery's sponsorship, we are able to cover the costs for the bands, which increases the money going to our students. Ultimately, it puts more students on college visits, more scholarships for our international service trips, more scholarships for summer programs, more residency programs, and more field experiences for our students.

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