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March 20, 2018
by: Susan Griffiths

ReBlog:Why Kids Need to Move, Touch, and Experience to Learn

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This blog is part of a series titled ReBlog sharing out articles that speak to the work we are doing in the schools of The Étude Group. Through these reblogs, we want to connect the work being done here in Sheboygan to the national conversation about education. 

We often use the phrase, “Hands On, Minds On” to describe learning at The Étude Group schools. This phrase helps us communicate our research-based philosophy that active learning leads to deeper understanding.

Research shows this type of learning, embodied learning, helps our students better retain what they have learned. I encourage you to read, Why Kids Need to Move, Touch and Experience to Learn, a blog that further explains the ongoing research around and benefits of movement and learning.

In the blog post, Katrina Schwartz of public broadcaster KQED, notes that the idea of linking movement with improved educational outcomes is “not new to many educators”. She points to Maria Montessori, the mother of the educational movement that bears her name, who wrote in her 1936 book The Secret of Childhood: “Movement, or physical activity, is thus an essential factor in intellectual growth, which depends upon the impressions received from outside. Through movement we come in contact with external reality, and it is through these contacts that we eventually acquire even abstract ideas.”

Modern scientific research supports Montessori’s view and is finding that early movement by children is strongly correlated with academic success later in life. It makes perfect sense that the earlier that children start physically exploring the world around them that the earlier they start learning.

“Encouraging kids to use their hands brings out unsaid, and often correct ideas, which then makes them more open to instruction and more likely to learn,” Susan Goldin-Meadow, who runs a laboratory at the University of Chicago exploring developmental psychology, linguistics, and cognition, said in the blog post.

At Étude Elementary, using one’s body to better understand the world around them happens throughout each day. Students start each morning with a classroom meeting that focuses on transitioning them from home to school by getting their bodies and minds ready to learn through a sequence called WOMMP. This sequence involves drinking water, breathing deeply to oxygenate the blood, marching to get the blood flowing, crossing the midline to have each side of the brain connect to each other. We end with a short yoga sequence to calm and focus the mind.

Students often spend time observing and exploring the outdoors, in our student created gardens, adjacent Pigeon River woods, or through off site field experiences. These experiences deepen the learning within our projects. While we are aware of the abundant research on the benefits of spending time outdoors,  we also know moving beyond our school walls helps students make sense of the world in an authentic manner.

Within the weekly schedule, students also participate in two additional specials beyond the traditional art, music, and physical education. These specials, movement and drama, help further their learning and create new meaning to the concepts they are exploring in their projects.This allows students to experience and feel what they have learned in the classroom. During Trimester 2 in drama, students in the second and third grade multi-age classes wrote scripts and acted out the play they created at their Exhibition of Learning. Incorporating drama strengthens student development of characters and understanding of character motivation. First grade students are learning about the human body in the classroom, and during movement class, they are learning yoga and how it benefits the different areas of the body and mind.

And the blog post points out that using movement to reinforce learning is not limited to young children. Sian Beilock, professor of psychology at the University of Chicago, found that high school students who used physical objects to understand physics concepts like angular motion actually performed better on tests.

Our active learning program throughout The Étude Group schools is rooted in the latest in educational research, and it demonstrates that understanding is derived through experiences where mind and body are activated.


July 18, 2017
by: Susan Griffiths, Principal

Construction on our Campus

Construction on our Campus Thumbnail

There has been a flurry of activity this summer on our campus. The 2017-18 school year will bring several positive changes. As we have already shared, our name is changing from ESAA to Étude Elementary to further unify our K-12 organization. The facility is also expanding.

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May 19, 2017
by: Keira Collin, Étude Studios Writing Intern

ESAA students bring Settlers’ Stories to life

ESAA students bring Settlers’ Stories to life Thumbnail

Second and third graders at the Elementary School for the Arts and Academics collaborated in groups to explore the lives of early settlers in America. After developing plays to showcase the problems that the settlers faced, IDEAS Academy film interns from Étude Studios helped to capture them.

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April 22, 2017

ESAA's Mrs. Faul Named SASD Teacher of the Year

ESAA's Mrs. Faul Named SASD Teacher of the Year Thumbnail

Jamie Faul 2017 As one of ESAA's upper primary teachers, Mrs. Faul takes steps every day to make sure that all students are engaged in authentic learning and deep thinking.

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February 7, 2017

ESAA Exhibitions of Learning Schedule

ESAA Exhibitions of Learning Schedule Thumbnail

ESAA students look forward to sharing their learning with their school community on Monday, February 27th. Parents are encouraged to attend their child's Exhibition of Learning, and are welcome to stay to see the other projects. Students have focused on looking closely at the world around them, researching topics, creating solutions, and representing their ideas. Exhibitions of Learning are as much about their process as they are about the final product. Questions and connections are always welcome!

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November 6, 2016
by: Susan Griffiths, ESAA Dean of School

Trimester 1 Exhibitions of Learning

Trimester 1 Exhibitions of Learning Thumbnail

We are excited to invite you to ESAA’s Trimester 1 Exhibitions of Learning (EoLs) on Friday, November 18, 2016. EoLs are the students’ culminating presentation of projects. These exhibitions illustrate the integration academics, arts, and our Habits of Mind and Learning found in students’ projects. Students share their learning and problem solving through the creative process. Exhibitions of Learning are also an opportunity for friends and families to participate in the learning by asking questions and giving feedback to students on topics such as the process, working together as group, how the students’ thinking changed, or how might their newly gained knowledge be relevant beyond the project.

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September 5, 2016
by: Susan Griffiths

Connections: Building Community at ESAA

Connections: Building Community at ESAA Thumbnail

If school is about helping students understand the world around them, it makes a great deal of sense to start the school year helping students better understand themselves as friends, learners, teachers, and leaders. With this in mind, ESAA teachers Rachel Pekarek and Jamie Faul created a school wide plan to build community during the first weeks of school. We began the year using this plan to provide students and teachers with the time and space to make connections not only in their classrooms, but throughout the school and in the community. The following are some highlights from our first two days of school.

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August 16, 2016
by: Beth Carreno

MAKER Break at Sheboygan Summer Music Series

MAKER Break at Sheboygan Summer Music Series Thumbnail

MAKER Break, the creative makerspace program developed by The Étude Group’s IDEAS Academy and The ARTery of the John Michael Kohler Art Center, was a featured program at the August 11th Levitt Amp Sheboygan Summer Music Series.

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July 1, 2016
by: Beth Carreno

Announcing MAKER BREAK: A Summer Makerspace Program

Announcing MAKER BREAK:  A Summer Makerspace Program Thumbnail

We are excited to announce a free summer makerspace program developed by IDEAS Academy[ideas/] and The ARTery of The John Michael Kohler Arts Center. MAKER BREAK is a series of summer workshops and sessions that explore a wide range of making practices and activities. Participants can explore everything from circuitry and mic building at IDEAS Academy to knotsmanship and screenprinting in The ARTery.

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June 28, 2016
by: Lori Ladiges

ESAA Literacy Parent Connections: Reading to Children at Home from Birth to Age 8 and BeyondNew News Article

ESAA Literacy Parent Connections:  Reading to Children at Home from Birth to Age 8 and BeyondNew News Article Thumbnail

Dear Parents,

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